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It is imperative that the design of any website is based around the content of the website. You don't design a car before knowing how big the engine will be or how many seats it will have. Designing websites is no different. If the content shows that there are four main sections to the website, than make it easy to get to them and highlight them as much as possible. Whether it's a front page rotator or four big boxes with clear, concise information with an obvious 'what to do next', get site visitors to the section they want as quickly as possible.

To help with SEO and search engine rankings, you should have these as high up as possible, you can have the text you need for search engine rankings lower down the page, where the visitors might not ever see it.

Clear navigation to these sections gives visitors trust and helps keep them on the site when they reach the sales pages. You need to have 'landing pages' with good quality text to help your rankings, but visitors should only have a brief stay before moving them on to your product/services pages.

Once website visitors are on the product/services pages, you should not have any in article links to other pages except similar/related products or services. Once on the sale pages it's all about getting the sale or contact, a clear 'CALL TO ACTION' is the most important part of a sales page:


These are what bring in the money and incorporating them into the design is a vital part of the whole website project. Fail in this area and you might as well not bother, the design, layout, navigation, architecture, content, content formatting and CALL TO ACTIONS are, SEO Web Design. But there is still one more major factor that has become more and more relevant over the last two years.

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