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Goals Of SEO And Web Design

You should be thinking 'What I Need From My Website', what you want is more often than not, not what you need. Trust us and tell us not what you want, but what you need to achieve.

Sales Driven SEO

Sales, sales, sales, should be the objective of any e-commerce website, yes you want to portray a professional and attractive look, but you really want the website to pay for its self as quickly as possible.

If you want a website that is about a passion of yours and you know you can sell products via affiliate programs or Google ads, make sure you put this across to us straight away. Affiliate sales and Google ads websites have more natural content and context, as you're talking about a genre which your website just happens to sell/advertise products that are related to that genre.

SEO - Put Yourself In Your Visitors Mindset

If your new website is to sell your own products, make sure you understand that potential buyers might not know your products, you NEED to sell them to people who don't know that they want them or need them. Put yourself in the mind set of potential buyers and write your content for them not yourself.

Web Design Works With Website Content

Too many gizmos distract site visitors and can harm potential sales. If you use this site as an example, the home page has a rotator that displays images and text. No other page on the site (at this moment) has any rotating, sliding or appearance gizmos.

Keep the message paramount, the design must work with the text and not overpower it.

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