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Joomla Hacked - Website Hacked

Cleaning up Joomla after your website as been hacked involves removing code or files that don't belong within the Joomla files and folders. Files that have been tampered with will be overwritten with clean, new, up-to-date files.

Rebuild Joomla Website After Hack

This process requires automated scanning and some human intuitive snooping. Whilst this is the quicker of the two methods it is somewhat less thorough than the more comprehensive 'full clean re-build'.

Scan Joomla For Hacker Files

Joomla is built from hundreds of folders containing thousands of files. Everyone has installed some of the 10,000 Joomla extensions available. Some sites will have modified core Joomla files, this is a nightmare when it comes to cleaning up Joomla websites after a hacking incident, knowing what is needed to keep the site working is a skill all of its own. When you see reports of Joomla sites being hacked time and time again - it is invariably due to hacker files left behind creating back-doors which future hacking attacks will use.

Joomla Hacked - Clean Up Process

We offer two levels of 'in-situ' clean-up service, priced at £450 and £950.

IF you have been hacked multiple times the more intensive £950 service may be desirable.

Although 99% of the time our £450 service will be successful.

In deciding between the two, clients usually weigh up the relative merits of the extra cost versus the security that you definitely won't be re-hacked with the more intensive service.

For most it boils down to the perceived 'cost' in terms of harm to reputation, etc of repeat incidents of this nature. Not only do visitors to the site see that the client site is hacked - but also that the site tries to infect their computer with viruses.

Clean Up Joomla Hack £450

Obviously for some budgetary restrictions are more pressing and in these cases there is no doubt that the £450 service is the way to go.

The way we work:

  • We will clean out the hacker files by the end of the next working day
  • If log files are available we will trace the initial vector through which the site was compromised - usually an outdated component - and we will update the component and Joomla itself if required
  • We will install our own anti-hacker protection which massively increases the security of the website

But we don't stop there

We will check again 7 days later to see if there has been any sign of recurrence and to monitor log files for any signs of attempts to re-penetrate the site. We will take action as appropriate.

But we don't stop there

We will return roughly one month after the initial clean-up and repeat the process.

Unlike other 'security experts' we assure the quality of our work - we stand by our work and we stand by our clients and their websites.

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